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Seaview Jamica | Days Out in Och Rios

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Days Out in Ocho Rios

OCHO RIOS - Originally the Spaniards named it "Las Chorreras" which means "The waterfalls or springs" which has been reduced over a period of time to "Ocho Rios" which means eight rivers. However there are only 4 rivers..Cave River....Roaring River...Dunn’s River....Turtle River (which runs along side the complex). self catering jamaica

DOLPHIN COVE - Seaview Jamaica

Dolphin Cove is a marine attraction in Ocho Rios at which guests swim with dolphins, sharks, and stingrays in their natural seawater environment, visitors may also interact with other species including iguanas, snakes and a variety of birds

LOCATED 10 mins from the apartment and across from Dunn’ River Falls

self catering jamaica


A famous waterfall and a major Caribbean tourist attraction that receives thousands of visitors each year. Offering 600ft of climbing pleasure, the rock can be slippery so be careful, the most secure way to climb is with a guide who will help you up the falls, there is also a beach for swimming and sun bathing..
DID YOU KNOW the 19th century there was a family by the name of Dunn that owned property in the area, its likely the river was named after them...

LOCATED 10 mins from the apartments

DUNN’S RIVER FALLS - Seaview Jamaica
MYSTIC MOUNTAIN - Seaview Jamica

Come and experience the exhilarating Bobsled ride down the famed Mystic Mountain..See Ocho Rios from a different view, taking a tropical forest adventure tour up the 700ft mystic mountain peak will do just that, explore the forests rich eco system, sparkling river streams, or simply enjoy the spectacular views

LOCATED 10 mins from the apartments


Are show caves and a prominent tourist attraction in Discovery Bay, it was a haven for runaway slaves, gunrunners and Spanish soldiers of the 18th century.
Named for the green algae that covers its walls, the first known inhabitants were the Arawak Indians.

The filming of 1973 James Bond (Live and let Live) used the caves..

LOCATED 30mins from the apartments
self catering jamaica

GREEN GROTTO CAVES - Seaview Jamaica
WHITE RIVER - TUBING - Seaview Jamaica

Take off on an exciting river tube ride along the White River where you’ll be surrounded by beautiful scenery, enjoy the challenging rapids as well as the enchanting and peaceful lagoons..

LOCATED 20mins from the apartments


“One love one heart lets get together and we will be alright”

Nine Mile is a village...where Bob Marley’s journey began and so powerfully influenced many of his songs, and is the same place he is laid to rest
Bob Marley’s mausoleum is located in Nine Mile.
Another highlight is the rasta coloured ‘rock pillow’ on which Marley laid his head when seeking inspiration

LOCATED   1 hour from the apartments
James Bond Beach - Seaview Jamaica

James Bond beach sits on a small peninsula at Oracabessa Bay about 10 miles from Ocho Rios, surrounded by crystal clear water on 3 sides, and the lush mountains of St Mary reaching straight down to the sea
Scenes from the classic james Bond movie Dr. NO were filmed at the James Bond Beach..
Both locals and tourists come to James Bond beach to drink, dine, sun and swim

LOCATED   half and hour from the apartments

Island Village

Island Village is a shopping and entertainment attraction, Located on the beach, Just minutes away from the cruise ship pier...Take walk at You'll find all the BOB MARLEY memorabilia that you would want...also beautiful silver and and precious stones at a duty free price..fancy going to the cinema you will find it here..

Cuisine:- Jamaican / Varies
Reservations:- +1876 795-0480

less than 5 mins from the apartments

Island Village near Seaview Jamaica
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